Have Look At Straight Arm Exercises In Gymnastics



Exercises play a vital role in any type of sport, and especially gymnastics is a sport where the person has to strive hard to get his positions right for which the physical strength and stability is very important. Therefore, coaches have to be very particular about he exercises that are practiced by the people. Muscles have to be toned and fit for a gymnast and exercises will be handy in this situation else if the muscles are not in a perfect condition there are many possibilities for errors.

Especially the straight arm exercise is very advantageous as they will be helping in planche drills, press handstand, or front lateral raise. Hence, it is preferred more than the exercises like bench press, pushups, or reverse dip. This will help in toning and making the shoulder muscle, chest muscle, and back muscles strong. There parts are very vital for a gymnast to perform well.

Exercises In GymnasticsIt is essential to have the proper setup for exercising. Here is a straight-arm exercise for which the gymnasts have to lie in the folded mat and stretch the hands over the head in a way that it touches the ground. The height of the mat should be only a few inches high for safety reasons and make sure they do not move in between while performing the exercise.

Now the person has to lie in the mat and start to lift the bar with weight towards the ceiling. With proper safety measures, it is a very effective and safe exercise. Make sure the grip of the hands is not loosed, and the bar does not shift to any unsafe position. In the initial stages, it will be better to try his exercise with the help of the coach. Once the person is got used to this, then he can do it several times without any help.

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