Recreational Gymnastics

Recreational GymnasticsOne of the best and fun sports suitable for everyone is gymnastics. At Anchorage Gymnastics we have recreational gymnastics classes for all skill levels and age groups. It includes pre-school gymnastics, aerobic gymnastics, youth tumbling, beginner tumbling, advanced tumbling, intermediate tumbling, advanced girls gymnastics, and youth cheer program. Our gymnastics activities will provide opportunities to participative in competitive classes.

Recreational GymnasticsWe encourage our students to go through an assessment period at the finish of each term in order to find their height of achievement. The process will help to find whether the child could perform the skills necessary for them and is competent to participate in that program. Moreover, it helps to determine whether that is the right time to take him/her to the next level/grade or another program. It can be either competitive program or development squads.

The beginner recreational is for students from five years. At this stage, they would at a novice entrant level or fresh to the gymnastics world. We provide training according to the skill set. There are specific apparatus for women and men. Some of the women’s apparatus involved in Artistic Gymnastics are uneven bars, the beam, vault, and the floor. Some of the apparatus used in men’s gymnastics are high bar, floor, vault, parallel bars, rings and pommel horse.

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