Can A Sport Be Patented? How?

A graphical image showing trademark, copyrights and patents of an idea.

A graphical image showing trademark, copyrights and patents of an idea.

Trademark and patents for entertainment and education 

A complete guide to Trademark Filing Classification of Class 41. It is a must to apply or register trademarks under each class. Each class denotes a unique class of services or goods. In this blog, we have completely covered the services that come under the trademark classification of Class 41.

Trademark class 41

Class 41 Trademark pertains to the offering of training, education, sporting, entertainment, and cultural activities. 

The below-mentioned services are listed under Class 41. 

  • Services containing various methods of education of individuals or teaching of animals.
  • Services that are offered with the basic motto of amusement, entertainment, and recreation of people.
  • Presentation of literature or visual artworks to the general public for educational or cultural purposes.

Complete list of services listed within Trademark Class 41

Here is the list of services that have been listed for Trademark Class 41

  • Zoological garden services
  • Writing of texts apart from publicity texts
  • Arranging and organizing workshops (training)
  • Vocational retraining
  • Training or educational advice- vocational guidance
  • Videotaping
  • Rental of videotapes
  • Videotape editing
  • Rental of camcorders or video cameras
  • Videocassette recorders rentals
  • Tutoring
  • Translation
  • Toy rentals
  • Sports event timings
  • Entertainment- ticket agency services
  • Theatre productions
  • Renting of tennis courts
  • Television entertainment
  • Instruction services / educational services / teaching
  • Arranging and organizing of symposiums
  • Subtitling
  • Renting of stage scenery
  • Renting of stadium facilities
  • Renting of sports grounds
  • Renting of sports gear except for vehicles
  • Offering sports facilities
  • Sport camp services
  • Renting of sound recordings
  • Renting of skin diving equipment
  • Sign language interpretation
  • Production of shows
  • Renting of show scenery  
  • Arranging and organizing seminars
  • Scriptwriting services
  • Education- services of schools
  • Religious education
  • Recreation information
  • Offering recreational facilities 
  • Recording studio services
  • Production of television and radio programs
  • Renting of television and radio sets
  • Radio entertainment
  • Publication of journals and electronic books online
  • Publication of books
  • Publication of texts apart from publicity texts
  • Performance of live performances
  • Physical training or demonstration
  • Physical education
  • Photography
  • Photographic reporting
  • Fitness training or personal trainer services
  • Entertainment- party planning
  • Organization of fashion events for entertainment purposes
  • Organization of shows
  • Organization of sports events and competitions
  • Organization of fairs for educational or cultural purposes
  • Organization of competitions – entertainment or education
  • Orchestra services
  • Operating lotteries
  • Nursery schools
  • Night clubs
  • News reporter services
  • Music halls
  • Production of music
  • Amusement parts
  • Academies (education)
  • Animal training
  • Boarding schools  
  • Calligraphy services

An image showing multiple sports and their historical patents in a frame.

Overview On Sports Trademarks and Patents

Many people using think how to patent a sport as it almost an intellectual property. Well, it is an important question. It is not possible to patent sports as they are thoughts. It is not allowed to register trademark, copyright or patent an idea. However, there are several kinds of sports which are patented according to the regulations mentioned by the United States Trademarks and Patents office. Check out more about Patents for Sports.

Intellectual property and sports business

IP or intellectual property is a creation where one has ownership. The IP rights are essential to the sport’s success as when they are secure it demonstrates its economic value. It also stimulates the growth of the sport. It permits to finance large kind of sporting events and also promote the events. Business transactions including broadcasting, sponsorship, merchandising, and other media assist the sport to perform this and also cover around IP rights.

IP rights cover trademark and copyright safeguard. If it is leveraged exactly, it can assist the sport in creating a strong brand, which is important in creating business value. Customer loyalty is created through a strong brand. It permits prices to be fixed at a premium and remains as a strong foundation for driving the revenue and growth of the sport. 

Equipment design, logo design and overall quality of entire things associated with the sports in presentation and material sense are important in enhancing the sport’s value and building a brand thereby. 

A image showing different sport names around a circle in which Patent for Sports and Technology is written.

Patenting a sport

Though it is not possible to patent a sport, there are several actions that can be taken where it involves patents to make sure a single idea in the roundabout form- effectively patented.

  • Determine where your sport has been played in any other place or location before. It helps in finding out whether your idea is original or not.
  • If possible, you can copyright the rules of the game. To make it possible, you have become the rule’s author. You just need to simply write down. 

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