Gymnastics Types: An Introduction


When you think of gymnastics, images come to mind of people doing flips on 4-inch-wide beams, smashing bodies on the floor, and men performing incredible feats of strength in the ring. These are just a few of the many different types of gymnastics that are recognized.
Gymnastics is a sub-discipline that focuses on different aspects of the sport such as strength, agility, balance and coordination and combines elements of all these. Gymnastics can be divided into seven different categories.

Artistic Gymnastics for Men and Women:


The first tickets for women’s gymnastics will be sold at the Olympic Games. Women’s gymnastics is known for its fantastic combination of strength, flexibility and grace. Women compete for individual and team titles in four disciplines: jump, parallel bars, floor and balance beam. There are six disciplines in which the men compete as a team: floor exercises (pommel horse, ring jump, parallel bars and high bar). The vaults and floors for women are the same as for men.


Both men and women participate in this type of gymnastics. Men’s gymnastics is known for high-flying exercises and impressive muscle play. Women are recognized for their flexibility and grace. There are five machines where women compete as a team: ropes, hoops, balls, clubs and ribbons.

Gymnastics – Rhythmic Gymnastics:

Women are dominating this sport at a world-wide level and the Olympics has taken notice. Women compete in 5 different apparatus including ribbon,clubs,rope,ball and hoop to show off their amazing flexibility and grace for audiences around the globe.

Gymnastics – The Trampoline:

In this synchronized competition, two athletes compete simultaneously on two different trampolines, performing trampoline routines and tricks on tiny double trampolines. They are more erratic than floor exercises in gymnastics and allow gravity-defying flips. Competition is a kind of reeling that requires a lot of energy.

Gymnastics – Power Tumbling:

Tumbling is a pass that consists of eight different elements. Tumbling is not an Olympic sport, but it competes on the junior Olympic program in the United States and in international competitions. It is performed on a jumping track that is much more bouncy than the floor used in artistic gymnastics.

Gymnastics – Acrobatics:

The jumping track is more of a bouncy floor exercise than the most commonly used artistic gymnastics, allowing competitors to compete in a variety of more demanding and harder exercises.

Gymnastics As A Group:

This is not an Olympic sport, but it is part of the junior Olympic program in the United States and around the world. Teams consist of 2-4 people, usually men and women, but sometimes a mixture of both.
The athletes do handstands, hold and balance on each other while the rest of the team throws and catches their teammates. This gymnastics group competes in the USA and is called a team gym. Athletes in team gyms are divided into groups of six to sixteen gymnasts.

Here Are The Gymnastics – Events:

It is also possible to form female, male or mixed groups. The following events are team gym participants who participate in Group Jumping, Tumbling, Vaulting, Mini Trampoline Demonstrations, and Floor Exercises
Various of the above-mentioned gymnastics styles can be practiced by people of all ages. If you want to introduce your child to gymnastics, we recommend contacting your local gymnastics club to find a good starting place.

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